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Here at Bennetts we have a passion for restoring old work horses.

see below our fleet of classic show trucks.

 Renault R420 Turboliner

The Renault R-Series was a range of heavy-duty trucks built by Renault Véhicles Industrielles (RVI) from 1980 to 1996. The cab was Berliet’s KB 2400 model and was shared with the Ford Transcontinental. The R-Series sold from a R280 to the R420.


The R420 came fitted with a 14.88L V8 which we have lovingly restored and was originally built on the 5th of December 1989. This engine wasn’t made available for the UK market, we only had access to the I6 in 9.8L & 12L. The vehicle we’ve restored has been imported from Italy and to our knowledge is the only one in the country, running and fully restored or otherwise.


The engine has undergone a very substantial rebuild. All 8 cylinders and liners. Sourcing these was a task almost as difficult as finding the V8 variant in the first place. Renaults international inform us that there were 9 new pistons in existence, now only 1 after our R420 got the other remaining 8. Not only has the lorry had a massive engine overhaul including new mounts, it’s also had massive restorations and replacements elsewhere. The lorry has new brake disks and pads fitted, new track rod arms, plus far more consumables and worn bushings.

MAN F2000 414 

The MAN F2000 second generation was first introduced in 1998. The 414 we have restored was manufactured on 29th of September 2000. The trucks were built using high-efficiency engines, turbocharged and electronically controlled 6 cylinder, 16-speed gearbox, front ventilated disc brakes with electronic control, the suspension on parabolic leaf springs or pneumatic elements.

The 414 was such a well built and designed vehicle that after it had a full service and respray, it went into active service on our fleet for 3 years, before being retired to our show fleet. Now this beautiful piece of engineering and design only sees the light of day a handful of times a year for shows. 

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